What Our Family Got For Christmas

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For My Husband

For background, he’s 31 years old, and we’ve been working on setting up one of the back area rooms as his new workshop and workout room.

Last Christmas, I actually got him one portable workbench/folding saw horse and a cheaper side along workbench. He specifically requested a second one this year, so that he has two sawhorses. He can also now set up a nice sized workbench.

I also decided to surprise him with this A-frame weight organizer, so he could get his weights that weren’t currently in use off of the ground.

For My 5 Year Old

I’ve been vlogging since before Arya was born, so she’s been raised around me talking to cameras and taking pictures. She’s been very interested lately in trying to vlog by herself. We found this neat kids vlogging camera. It automatically adds preset backgrounds to anything the color of the included greenscreen. Both of our kids love this camera, and they’re constantly trying to bring it everywhere. We also got a pink camera case and a memory card for it. I had wrapped each individually, and I had her open them memory card > camera case > camera to build suspense on Christmas morning.

She also had expressed interest in the Pixicade video game maker. Considering how much she loves both art and video games, we were more than willing to give this a try. It’s a good idea in theory, but we’ve honestly had some issues getting it to work properly. It’s very finicky, even for older artist’s such as myself and a couple of friends of mine who’ve given it a try.

For My 4 Year Old

Iris has been really into playing chef, restaurant, and super market lately. We’ve been having a toy kitchen for a while as well as some toy shopping carts. We figured this little wooden market would be good as both a place to play as well as store some of the many toy foods they have scattered throughout the house.

Imagination and storytelling are a big part of growing up, so when I found these story telling cards, I knew they would be a neat little addition to our play time.

If you would like more present ideas, check out the vlog below. I show more things that we got for various family members.


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