Meet Moony

Meet the second of our current fur babies, Moony. We adopted him at the same time that we adopted Rosemary (link to hers). The shelter told us that he was 8 weeks old. However, he still had his kitten floof and was slightly smaller than Rose, so I’m pretty sure he was younger than that. He also had a tendency to “nurse” while snuggling, which he’s sort of kept when he snuggled up next to bare skin. When I say “sort of” I mean that he’ll lick and knead while nuzzling his face. It’s sweet. Ary especially loves those kinds of cuddles because she knows that means he feels safe with her.

He also had some trouble adjusting to the change in food for the first couple of weeks that we had him. It upset his stomach and came back up from both sides. We took him to the vet and got some medicine that helped out a lot. At first it set him back weight wise, causing him to be significantly smaller than Rose, but by this point, Moony’s her size, and you’d never be able to tell.

When we picked him out at the animal shelter, one of the volunteers actually referred to him as “a bit of a bully”. Since I knew we wanted to get a dog as well, that made me feel completely comfortable picking him because I took that to mean sturdy and playful. After over half a year of living with us, I can say that my impression was right. Out of all of our animals, Moony is the one that will play with anyone. When I brought Gryffin home, Moony was ready to play with him from the moment I put the other cat home. Moony is the one the dog plays with most and will play fetch alongside her.

He is a big cuddler, but he likes to be the one that chooses where to lay down and who he snuggles with. He’s very attached to Arya and will always choose her over anyone else. This is especially true if she is outside. While he dreams of being in the backyard (he will wait at the back door if he suspects it’s about to open), he will be especially vocal about going outside if Arya is out there.

His favorite spot to snuggle me is on my lap when I’m on the computer and is even laying here now licking my arm as I type this. Little Moony was definitely what we needed after the events of last year. (Part 1 and Part 2)


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