Art Commissions

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Prices are in US Dollars, and payment is only accepted via Paypal. Please pay within 7 days of agreed price.

I will not start commission until I am paid in full, and artwork will be delivered in agreed upon amount of time. I will be working in order of “first paid, first served.”

Refunds are only given if artwork is not delivered in agreed upon amount of time.

Artwork will be for personal use only. I retain all rights to the image. You can reupload it wherever and as often as you like, but credit or source is required.

If you commission an original character, you must have sufficient image references or a detailed visual description, as these prices are not for custom designs. If you would like a custom design, please contact me, and we can negotiate a price for that.

Except for sketch commissions, I will send a Work in Progress, so we can catch mistakes and changes early.

Finished product will take the form of a print-ready 300DPI JPEG file that will be emailed to the above email.

Minor changes after completion are free, but significantly time-consuming revisions will be charged extra.

I have the right to decline, delay, or cancel commissions, and I do not hold or reserve commission slots.