Taking Our Own Family Photos

After not having family photos done in 2 years, I figured it was time. We were more than ready to add framed family photos in our living room, but (as most of you know) photography sessions can get a bit expensive. Knowing that we didn’t have the money for that, I figured we could take our own.

Having been vlogging for the amount of years I have, we have plenty of tripods around the house. Between that and having a Samsung Galaxy Note, I could easily set up the camera and still not have to worry about setting a time for the photos.

It was really easy finding a place to take photos for free considering my parents live on 40 acres. We took the majority in the empty field behind their house before jumping into the back of the truck as my husband drove us into the cane fields. My little brother came and helped get the kids to smile, so I could focus on staging and shooting. My husband and I also took turns getting more close up pictures.

I think they came out pretty good considering this was our first try!


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