What Are We Reading? June 2018

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We love books in our house.  We started reading to the girls from a young age, and we will continue to do so. I figured I would share with you guys some of our favorites every month. Some of these are well known and commonly owned, others, not so much. If you ever have any suggestions of books to check out, we’re always willing to find new favorites!

The Foot Book

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Here’s another favorite Dr Seuss book of ours. We actually have two of this one like we do Wacky Wednesday. Arya has one currently hidden, so I only got a shot of one of them.

This book has helped Arya figure out her left from her right, and she loves to move her feet up and down as it says it in the book.

As I read this out loud, I try to change the tone of my voice to match what’s going on, and this is easily her favorite part of the book because she likes how I say, “Sssloooooww”:

Good Morning, Good Night

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This is pretty much our go-to bedtime story. If there isn’t something else specifically that Arya wants to either look through or have us read to her, this is the story that gets read.

There’s technically 3 ways to read this book. Sometimes we just read the “Good Morning” parts, just read the “Good Night” parts, or both. Most times though, since she likes it before bed, we read just the “Good Night” parts.

Arya will tell the different characters “night, night” as she pets the fur of the animals or tucks the little girl at the end into bed.

I Love You, Stinky Face

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Arya recently received this beautifully illustrated book as a gift from one of our friends. It’s a cute little story that shows that a mother’s love is truly unconditional.

Never Touch a Dinosaur

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For Easter, each of the girls got a book, some rubber animals, and one other two. This was the book Iris recieved. Both girls enjoy it though. Arya will sometimes sit down with it by herself or look through it with her sister next to her.

This brightly colored board book has interesting textures for the kids to feel as I read them the accompanying poem. It’s also a great way to introduce dinosaurs to little kids, as we’ve been doing lately. They both have dinosaur pajamas, and Arya has been asking about dinosaurs more because of them.


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