Day in the Life

This morning actually started earlier than usual. Iris woke up every two hours last night which is not usual for her now that she’s 4 months. The last time she woke up, around 5:30ish, Arya woke up crying as well. (That has unfortunately been happening more often than we’d like recently.) My husband went go lie in her bed with her while I finished up with Iris. Not long after that, Arya joined me in bed while Richie got ready to go to work since he had some out of town extra training this morning.

As soon as the sun came up, Arya was ready to start the day, so I got up and made me some coffee. I filled her snack cup with cheerios, gave her some almond milk, and put on her choice of tv show, so I could finish getting ready. Today’s choice was Sid the Science Kid. Once I was dressed and had breakfast served for both of us, she was excitedly talking about leaves.


Today’s breakfast was our usual: eggs and toast with almond butter. I also set her up with some raisins and cashews. Being a toddler, what she likes to eat changes daily, so I like to give her a few different healthy options, and she’ll pick at her plate throughout the morning. While we ate, Arya wanted to watch her current favorite Disney movie: Wreck It Ralph.

Iris woke up for the day right after I finished eating, so I nursed her while Arya played and watched tv. Then, I changed both girls into day clothes. Unless it’s a special occasion and I want her to wear something specific, Arya picks out her clothes. My only input was that she not wear warm clothes since it’s hot outside. Some days, her outfit choice surprisingly works. Other days (like admittedly today), it doesn’t quite go together. However, this is one area that I see no reason to force my opinions over her own.

We then went into the playroom for a couple of hours. Iris played in her bouncer and watched as Arya played with play dough. Currently, Arya loves tearing the playdough with her new wooden dough knives or smooshing it onto the side of the rolling cutter. While they entertained themselves, I took advantage, and quickly made myself a second cup of coffee. My husband also called while we were playing since he was heading back to his usual workplace, so that was a happy happenstance.

Once Iris was ready for her morning nap, I brought her rock ‘n play into the living room. I sat on the sofa and rocked her with my foot as I worked in my planner. I used to do bullet journaling, but with two little kids, I don’t have the time to make layouts these days. Arya wanted to join me, so we grabbed her notebook and one of her gel pens that way she could write with her pens with me.

Then, I started writing this post in my google docs on my phone as Arya watched Secret Life ofPets and played with her PJ Masks book for her LeapFrog LeapStart. She then played some more with her playdough crate before switching to her food cutting crate. We then drew together on her dry erase board. For me, it was mostly drawing Cloud Guy from Trolls repeatedly for her to color.

Arya found socks in her diaper bag that she decided to put on and proceeded to spend the next however long sliding on the floor as she attempted to walk on our hard, slick floors with them.

When Iris woke up, we went decided to head to the backyard. Arya ran around and played as I nursed Iris in our swing. Then, we joined Arya on each her slide and trampoline so that Iris could “join in”. Arya got a kick out of that. I know she can’t wait until Iris is able to play with her more.

While we were out there, Arya found a bug. She very excitedly ran up to me, yelling, “BUG!”

After a heart attack moment of worrying she had accidentally picked up cat poop, I checked, and sure enough, she found a little june bug. She then spent the next 5 minutes carrying her new little friend all over the yard. I’m pretty sure she accidentally killed the poor thing. Oops…

We played and played until it was nearing time for afternoon naps for both girls. I set up Arya with some lunch while I put Iris down. When Arya was ready for her nap, we went into her room where I read a couple of stories and sang her a couple of songs while we cuddled.

Afternoon nap time is when I take care of most things that I can’t quite get done while the girls are awake. Today, I folded several loads of laundry and enjoyed a quiet, if late, lunch.

After naptime, the rest of our day went pretty much the same with Arya and I alternating between coloring, reading, and playing with playdough while either I held Iris or she played in her bouncer. We also played on the floor with Iris for a bit to give her some practice sitting up by herself.

When Richie came home, he played with the kids while I finished getting dinner together. Then we went through our bedtime routine where he bathes and dresses Arya for bed, as I put Iris down for the night. We always let Arya choose who puts her to bed. She’ll alternate who she wants, and she’ll want only that person. Lately that’s been me, so tonight I put her to bed as well in the same way I put her to bed for naptime.

With both girls asleep, my husband and I just sat and relaxed. Usually we just put something on TV as we talk, play on our phones, or just watch whatever is on. Tonight, he watched golf (there’ve been waaay too many tournaments lately in my humble opinion) as I finished typing this up before going to bed.

So, that’s it. That’s pretty much our average day. Some days we spend more time doing art or playing outside or even watching tv than today, but it’s ours.


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