Pink + Purple Hair <3

I told myself that I was done dying my whole hair bright rainbow colors, and instead I’d only do highlights or ends. Obviously, that didn’t last.


I started out by getting my hair professionally lightened at the beginning of the year in a balayage style. I then dyed it pink using a combination of L’Oreal Hot Pink and Overtone Extreme Pink deep conditioner.

I kept up the color and slowly transitioned back and forth between pink and purple for a few months using only Overtone Extreme Pink and Overtone Purple for Brown Hair. I’d use the daily conditioners a couple of times a week, and I’d give the color a boost every 4-6 weeks with the deep conditioner.

I was satisfied with that for a while until my hair grew out enough that I barely had any brightly colored parts visible to me when I pulled my hair back. After discussing it at length with my husband, I once again took the plunge into bleaching my hair again.

We used:

My husband helped me out, as per usual. However, you can tell we’re both rusty on the process because it took hours longer than it used to and had some problems with initial bleaching products. Then, we realized that there were big chunks that he had missed, both with the bleach and then with the hair dye. However, it was past 2 in the morning, so we called it quits for the night. The next morning, I woke up before everyone, so I went ahead and colored the crown of my head in a way that it made the unbleached parts at least less noticable. It’s not perfect, but I’m satisfied with how it looks for now.

I’ll admit that I’m a little nervous with how it’ll look as it fades, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I love the adventure that comes with hair dye. You never really know what you’re going to get.

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