Lunar Tides Hair Dye Review

I’ve tried out many different hair dyes in the decade or so that I’ve had rainbow hair, so when I was asked to try a new one specifically to review it, I was thrilled. Unfortunately, I don’t have many positive things to say about the Lunar Tides hair dye.

First off, it’s worth noting that I was asked to see how it would work with brown hair, so didn’t bleach my hair right before using. However, my hair had been previously bleached and dyed, so I was sure to use similar colors to what was previously used on the bleached parts.

I tend to judge hair dye on 5 main things: brightness, ease of use, messiness, longevity, and cost.

This was taken 5 days after using Lunar Tides. I ended up using Overtone deep conditioner right after taking this photo.


The first thing I noticed about this brand is that it’s kind of pricey. It’s roughly $11 for a tiny 4 ounce container. Since I usually end up using about 12 ounces, that means having to buy at least 3 containers. Thankfully, they have deals if you buy different packs of 3 or 6.

Ease of Use

The dye was easy enough to apply. It was a similar consistency to other dyes though it was a bit thinner.  I actually had a decent amount of left over dye which is unusual for me.  There was enough to dye 2 strips of hair on each of my daughters (because they wanted hair like mine) and there was still leftover dye. It’s worth noting that their hair is brighter than mine and it still didn’t turn out well. The dye was basically the color that we wanted the hair to be and if you know anything about hair dye you know that no matter what color hair you have, it is going to come out a few shades brighter so I already knew that it wasn’t going to appear well on darker hair. Because of how much hair I have, the process takes a while, so some of the dye was setting for twice as long as was necessary and didn’t come out any brighter than any other part of my hair which was disappointing.

3 days after using Lunar Tides, you couldn’t even see the slightest tint in their hair.


The pack I chose was the Mermaid pack. (Include color names with links)

Since I had previously dyed my hair pink, purple, and blue, I figured that pack would give the best results. Unsurprisingly, the pink came out the best. Pink is a strong pigment that does very well on most lighter hair since it works with the browns and oranges that are naturally present. That being said, while it was the brightest of the three, it wasn’t very bright, even on the parts of my hair that have been pink for a year now.

What was definitely a surprise was that the next brightest was the cyan. Since I hadn’t bleached or toned my hair since the last coloring, it did come out my green than we anticipated, but it was still pretty bright. At least at first…

I was very disappointed in the Orchid Purple. Even with staying in hair for the amount of time they said to leave it in, I didn’t see any more purple in my hair than was already present from the last hair dye.


This where I really had issues. We dyed my hair on the Thursday, and by the next Tuesday, I was so disappointed with the amount of fading that I just went ahead and used my Overtone deep conditioners to recolor it during my shower..

Normally, I go the first week after dying my hair without washing or conditioning it to keep it as bright as possible for as long as possible. Lunar Tides, however, faded a lot after 5 days without even getting wet. Considering how not bright it was in the first place, I was just tired of how my hair looked.

Overall, my experience with Lunar Tides was less than desirable. However, if you have Light Blonde or Platinum Blonde hair, maybe you have better luck than we did with it. Happy dyeing!

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