New Tree Swing

After finally clearing out the overgrown mess of trees and bushes along the fence line, we found ourselves with a nice gap of space between the playhouse and the fence. Just on the other side of the fence is a nice sized tree whose limbs mostly hang over our yard, and we figured we’d take advantage of one nice sized one that hangs right over that gap.

We went back and forth on which one we wanted. All I knew was that I wanted one with a solid seat versus a web of ropes. I found this nice circle swing for not too much money, and it is perfect. It comes with a hanging kit. However, the limb was too high for the kit to reach, so we went to our local hardware store and found some rope with a 700+ lb weight limit to stretch the rest of the gap to the limb. (Note: we did eventually replace it with industrial strength cord with

The girls had a blast helping Richie put the swing together. It’s now one of my favorite places in our yard.


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