Introducing Rosemary

Meet the first of our new fur babies. She was 8 weeks old when we adopted her, and the shelter had her dubbed Ruby. Because of that, we do sometimes call her Ruby Rose. She’s also “Rose Weasley”, “Nosey Rosey”, “Ginger Kitty”, and “Ginger Tia” (because she reminds me of one of my old cats). Since I currently have orange hair, I also call us “ginger twinsies”.

She’s now 6 months old, is currently the only female cat in our house, and is very aloof. For the longest time, the only human that she really liked was my now 4 year old because Iris pretty much gave her no choice in the matter. She’s willing to let me hold her though, but she’s not one for cuddles when I’m sitting or laying down unless I’m asleep. When my 5 year old first wakes up in the morning, Rosemary will go over to her and lick her a little bit as Arya slowly wakes up.

Rosemary’s favorite of the animals would definitely be Moony since we brought both of them home at the same time. We’ll commonly find them cuddled up together sleeping or licking each other.

I’ve had to start closing my bedroom door at night because as soon as my first alarm goes off in the morning, she’s started cuddling with my face and either licked or batted at it until I woke up. While, yes, that does help to actually wake me up, she started getting used to the time and would also do that when I didn’t have work that morning. Considering I opened a coffee shop on the days I worked, I don’t exactly like waking at that particular time on my days off. So, yeah, my bed is off limits, especially since I don’t work outside of the home anymore.


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