What Are We Reading? May 2018

We love books in our house.  We started reading to the girls from a young age, and we will continue to do so. I figured I would share with you guys some of our favorites every month. Some of these are well known and commonly owned, others, not so much. If you ever have any suggestions of books to check out, we’re always willing to find new favorites!

Wacky Wednesday

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Since Dr. Seuss is a big favorite in our house, I could easily make an entire post just on which of his books are our favorites. However, I figured I’d focus on just one at a time for now. (In case you didn’t know, Wacky Wednesday was in fact written by Dr. Seuss, just under one of his other pen names, Theo LeSeig.) As you can see, we actually have two copies of this one. The one on the right was bought specifically for Arya. The one on the left has been in our family so long that it’s older than me.


Wacky Wednesday is one of Ary’s favorite books just like it was mine as a child. I’m pretty sure one of the reasons why is the voices that I give the different characters. She thinks the voice that I give the teacher is especially funny.


As we read it, we like to point out the different things in the pictures (objects, animals, colors, trees, etc). At 2, she’s not quite at the point where she can point out all of the things wrong with the pictures, but they are still just goofy enough that she is amused. She especially likes to find where the cat is at on the page.


On The Night You Were Born

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This was Arya’s first ever favorite book from before she was even able to walk. As you can see from the tape along the spine, it’s been very well loved. She would drag it around with her as she crawled around. We’d read it to her before bed as well as any other time she would bring it over to us. This was one of those that we would pack up in her diaper bag as traveling entertainment.

These days, Arya still loves it. She’s now noticing the pictures more, and loves to point out every time she sees the moon and the babies.

The pictures are beautiful in this book, and the poem is so lovely and sweet. I’m definitely thinking of buying more from this author when I get the chance.


Little Kids First Big Book of the Ocean

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I have several National Geographic Kids books in my wishlist currently, and when we were ready to buy one, we figured this one was the perfect first choice. Arya has recently gotten really into the movie Finding Dory, and this is a perfect companion book. We’ll sit through and find the different sea animals that we can find in that movie.


We also have some ocean related fictional books that introduced Arya to different sea animals that she excitedly points out in this book. One points out the different different shapes that you can find in the ocean, and she was very happy to see all of the different starfish.


My inner graphic designer just loves how this book is laid out. The high quality photos are perfectly complemented by the eye-catching colors on each page. There’s quick facts list for each creature in addition to the more detailed description, and there’s little fact bubbles through the book that sometimes encourages you to look at other pages for more information.






















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