What Are We Playing With: May 2018

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Arya, our 2 year old, LOVES doing dishes. People are constantly amused about the fact that she gets upset when I tell it’s time to stop doing dishes. She will just grab her stool, carry it over to the sink, climb on up, and do her stuff.

You do you, boo.

However, the kitchen sink isn’t always the safest place for her to be. Often times, there are sharp kitchen knives or bacteria from raw meat juices in there, and I refuse to let her play at that point for obvious reasons.

That’s where this lovely little toy came in.

Our friends called to say that they had a present for Ary since they weren’t able to make it to her birthday party. We went over and made a night of it: hung out, had food, that whole thing.

When Ary unwrapped the Spark Kitchen Sink, I think I was more excited about it than she was. I don’t think she fully understood what it was at first. I was excited though because I remembered the hype around Christmas time over this little toy. Every store in the area that sold it ran out.

When we got it set up the next day, we put a folded towel underneath and let her at it.

She, of course, LOVED it.

She has been playing with it almost non-stop: at the kitchen table, on the living room floor, even outside in between playing in the pool.

In addition to playing do the dishes, she will fill up her toy cups with water and drink out of them, so we’ve had to add water while she’s playing because the water level gets too low from her drinking it for the pump to work. She’s gotten so much better at drinking from regular cups since getting this, so that’s a plus.

Downside is that this thing EATS batteries. I think we are currently on the 3rd or 4th set of batteries. We are definitely talking about getting some rechargeable batteries for this.

This sink is great for her to learn so many different important skills: it gives her practice at a rather important skill (doing dishes), it gives her sensory play with water, and it’s helping improve her motor functions like when drinking water.

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