Trying Felting for the First Time

Have you ever just sat and watched a bunching of needle felting videos? It is so satisfying!

After seeing all sorts of adorable felted food toys on etsy, I had a strong urge to make some myself for months now. Today, I already had plans to head over to Hobby Lobby after work to grab some stuff for some Christmas crafts I had planned for the kids. On my way there, I decided I was going to just go ahead and get some basics for felting to just go ahead and try it out for myself.

Thankfully, Hobby Lobby had a little freebie paper in that aisle that had a tutorial on how to make a fish because I was able to see basically what I needed. I grabbed a felting foam block, a punch pen with 3 needles, and a small pack of wool roving that had 3 colors (hot pink and 2 different pastel pinks).

I’m a kinesthetic learner, so I just went full steam ahead with trying this whole felting business out.

I followed the directions on how to make a fish and slowly managed to make a little derpy fish. I broke one of the needles and stabbed myself a couple of times, but I made something fish-like!

I then wanted to try something else, so I asked the kids what they wanted me to make. Arya said she wanted me to make a heart. I figured that was simple enough, so I tried my hand at mixing the colors in addition to forming the shape. It’s basic, but it looks better than the fish did.

Iris requested I make a car. That one took a bit more time to do. I had to figure out how to give it shape while being able to tell the different parts of the car. In the process of this, I broke another needle. I don’t know if it was that I was finally getting the hang of it or if it’s just easier with one needle versus having two or three needles trying to get into one little hole, but I found it getting much easier to really stab into the felt to shape it.

I can’t tell you how ridiculously proud I am of this little car. I 100% made it from wool fibers! That’s so neat!!

I can’t help but think of this as sculpting just with woolen fibers. If you want a section to be bigger, you just add more fibers. If you want a spot to be smaller, you just stab it in more.

It’s all so relaxing!

Minus the stabbing myself in the finger part. I need to see if there are finger guards for that!


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