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Should I Stick to Just One Niche When Blogging?

If you’ve looked up any information pertaining to blogging or vlogging, the number one thing everyone emphasizes is that you Find. Your. Niche.

For some it’s travel. They’re focus is only anything travel related and only post about that. For others, it’s homeschooling, or beauty, or tv shows and movies.


I’m too ADHD for that. I’ve tried sticking to one niche. I’ve done blogs focused on tv show reviews, hair and beauty, homeschooling, etc. My ADHD causes my hyperfocus to change so consistently to such drastically different topics that I simply can’t focus on just one niche.

Trust me, I’ve tried.

All focusing on one niche does is cause me to just out right not post on non-related topics out of fear that it won’t hold people’s interest, and in doing this I won’t even get people looking at my stuff because my stuff won’t even be here for them to see.

I guess I’ll just accept that my niche is “slice of life”. My little slice of life is comprised of many different things, and so is this blog. If you choose to come along for this ride of weirdness, welcome!


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