Friday Favorites #2

I know that it’s been a whiiiiiile since my last Friday Favorites. For that, I greatly apologize. In this series, I’ll post for sell items from around the web that I really like. I hope you do, too! Does contain affiliate links

Coffee and tea are my lifeblood (and I love all things Harry Potter) so I really want to try this Butter Beer Tea

(The Tea Hippies)

As a fan of almost all things fantasy, I love the idea of Fairy Doors. I definitely plan on getting on for my daughter, and this will probably be the one I choose.


My house is filled with owl decor, so these Owl Bottle Openers would go perfectly!


If I ever felt like making my house smell deliciously like pot roast without the work of making it, these Pot Roast Scented Melts would be perfect!

(Radical Works)

How gorgeous are these Owl Dreamcatchers!


As much as I love Military style jackets, it’s too hot here Louisiana for that. This Embellished Military Shirt Jacket would give me the look without all of the layers of wool that would make me drown in my own sweat.

(CA Mode)

Do you know how happy it makes me that Pluto was included in this Solar System Necklace?!


The leather and lace combo of this Crop Hoodie is absolutely beautiful!


There’s so few official Once Upon a Time merchandise, that I was very excited when I saw this OUAT Bracelet


The blue and gold in this Celestial Journal is one of my favorite color combinations.

(Peter Pauper Press)


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